Female Hypno Spy – Episode 8 – Code Breaker – Kendra Fallow

Female Hypno Spy – Episode 8 – Code Breaker – Kendra Fallow

Agent Kendra is one of the highest valued information extraction officer in the field of psy op. She is often tasked with the most difficult intelligence mission when all electronic methods had failed. Recently, an adversary nation is rumored to have developed a stealth torpedo system that would make every allied navy obsolete. Naturally, the specifics of that technology is highly valued. Agent Kendra’s mission is to create a chance meeting with the admiral, politely request that the meeting to be extended in our field station, then proceed to make scares of that memory. She will also ensure that future meetings with his admiralty will proceed in a more accessible manner. A dose of hypnosis will take care of the red tape.


Female Hypno Spy Episode 7 – Dynamic Entry – Rebecca Dove

Female Hypno Spy Episode 7 – Dynamic Entry – Rebecca Dove

Agent Rebecca is highly versatile psychological operative, she is also a specialist in entering high risk location, pacifying the occupant, then proceed to accomplishing her mission objective. Today we’ve tracked our target to this location in Belgium, where the European Central Bank leaders met to negotiate on the fate of one it’s members. Agent Rebecca was sent to find their undisclosed residence, and her use skills to arrange a “personal” meeting. If in the event that he does not wish to disclose the central bank’s access algorithm, a dose of hypnosis will help soften up his position.

Female Hypno Spy Episode 6 – Dangle Operation – Sarah Haydenbauer

Female Hypno Spy Episode 6 – Dangle Operation – Sarah Haydenbauer

Agent Sarah is a highly trained intelligence officer in the behavioral influence unit. Standing at over 6 feet tall, she has an towering presence. Her mission was to infiltrate a high profile research company, after gaining employment as their scientist, she was to collect high value data for our organization. Using her physical asset to her advantage, she can effortlessly draw key executive in a research corporation to her office, and execute her “cognitive modification” routine. Her advanced training in hypnosis greatly multiply her success rate. Once the target personal is programmed by Sarah, they will be activated on a later date, having no conscious memory of the event. They will continue to believe Sarah as that tall scientist in sector 8G.

Female Hypno Spy Episode 5 – Sleeper Agent Acquisition – Lauren Houston

Agent Lauren had not only had years of training in psychological operation, she also manages our sleeper agent program. Her mission is to blend into a major defense contractor and work as their counseling psychologist. She would then use this front to establish contact with the executive of this company. Once they step into her “office”, they will never be the same again. Of course, they won’t remember the details in these hypnosis session, but they leave stress free, with a sense of motivational, confidence and a secret mission which they were to carry out on a later date, without any memory of their action.

Female Hypno Spy Episode 4 – Covert Infiltration – Jennifer Saands

Agent Jennifer is one of the most experienced operative in psychological warfare. Her mission was to set up a “personal meeting” with a high ranking foreign official inside his office, whether he wants to or not. Phase one of this operation was to gain access to his room. All she needed to do was to locate the building’s security manager, and politely ask for the keys. Hypnosis helps.

Female Hypno Spy Episode 3 – Stage Managment – Zoey Crawford

Agent Zoey is a highly trained psychological operative with an advanced degree in clinical neuroscience. Her mission was to blend into an upscale night club and position herself their performing hypnotist. Once that condition was met, she would be able to make contact with the area’s most influential people, so that she may arrange “personal meetings” after her hypnosis show.